Welcome to rana driving school, A govt registered and approved driving school in chandigarh and best in tricity, our prestigious learner will get online theory test, learning videos lessons and weekly driving test resport accesss all over world thorugh our corporte website which is :- https://ranadrivingschool.com/

Rana driving school itself only the website which provides learner driving skill report after there driving test observed by given instructor over car on weekly basis,moreover there is special simulator classes for beginner a time saving way facilities all new user and existing one .Learner and there guardian can look up there routine driven kilometers with given login credential on the website, As a learner after completing successfully there course we provide an authorized certification along whole course report which is useful for those learner those are applying for regular licence.

Rana Driving School first time in tricity Advanced car driving simulators, are used to train and test techniques, skills and speed-of-response under safe conditions. Simulator, a unique concept in TRICITY, is a stationary car cabin with all controls (steering, gear, clutch, brake etc) with multiple screens in front to resemble a real life driving situation via 3D imagery. The simulator uses computer software to mimics real life road situations and responds according to the drivers inputs. It offers the learners the onscreen option to choose from a variety of climatic conditions, traffic situations and roads (highways or city roads) to drive.