Rana Driving School

Monthly Syllabus

First Week

Lesson 1 Basic controls moving and stopping

Lesson 2 How to gears changes

Lesson 3 Steering wheel controls

Lesson 4 Co-ordination

Lesson 5 Emergency brake

Second Week

Lesson 6 Hazard drill and basics junction

Lesson 7 Cross road

Lesson 8 Round about

Lesson 9 Emerging from busier junction

Lesson 10 Pedestrian crossing and traffic signal

Third Week

Lesson 11 Dual carriageways

Lesson 12 Town and city driving

Lesson 13 Progressive driving

Lesson 14 Hazard perseptions

Lesson 15 Defensive driving

Fourth Week

Reverse Gear and Parking Practice

Lesson 16 R1 Striaght line reversing

Lesson 17 R2 Uturn in the road

Lesson 18 R3 Angular parking

Lesson 19 R4 Battery parking

Lesson 20 R5 R1 Reverse right corner

Lesson 21 R6 reverse left corner

Lesson 22 R7 Down hill parking

Lesson 23 R8 Parallel parking